Guided Tour


When you enter the gates of Asaasi Yaa you pass by the security hut.


Asaasi Yaa is fully gated. The blue door by the gate is the entrance to the security hut.


min house asaasi yaa

The main house at Asaasi Yaa

Features 5 en suite sleeping rooms and a commons area. Many guests sit on the porch to watch the ocean, engage in conversation, drum or play music. A semi circular stone patio in front of the main house is perfect for drumming circles or workshops.

Main House Accommodations:

Room 6 – Large Room
Sleeps 3-4 People

Room 7 – Large room
Sleeps 4-5 People

Rooms 8 & 9- open into a large commons sitting area
Each Room Sleeps 2 People

Room 10 -Sleeps 2 People

The main house as seen from the children’s play area.

This building is our newest – a fully functioning kitchen with plenty of space to teach Ghanaian cooking.



Denkyem House at Asaasi Yaa

Denkyem House

Denkyem House is a 2-story building that features 5 guest rooms and a reception.

Each of the 5 sleeping rooms include en suite accommodation
Each room sleeps 2 people and can accommodate 3 people if needed
There are 3 rooms upstairs and 2 rooms downstairs

Asaasi Yaa Reception and Gallery is on the first floor. This is the site of the manager’s office.

view of Denkyem House


soul food cafe

The Soul Food Cafe

Enjoy a snack, beverage, or meal while experiencing a stunning ocean view. Soul Food Café is under the large summer hut and is a prime place to watch live music and dance or to see a lovely Ghanaian sunset. We are currently featuring our weekend restaurant with a varied menu that features local foods, seafood, and vegetarian cuisine.
A variety of drinks are on offer including fruit juices, wine, or beer.


Our raison d’etre is to share local culture through music, dance, and acrobatics. An open stage overlooks the beach. There is ample seating to watch live music and plenty of places to dance.


asaasi yaa beach resort summer hut

The small summer hut

The small summer hut is a place for meditation, relaxation, drumming, or massage.


ghana beach resort play area

Play area wall painting

Families are welcome at Asaasi Yaa.  The children’s wall painting by a local artist invites children to discover African wildlife.

little summer hut

Children (and adults) can sit in our boat and take a voyage through their imagination.

Here are a few shots from the grounds…

The big summer hut is the site of the Soul Food Café and also doubles for drumming workshops.

The big summer hut is the site of the Soul Food Café and also doubles for drumming workshops.

place view


Watch live music from the amphitheatre style performance area.

bocce ball

The inland beach area is a perfect spot for games such as bocce ball or badminton.

view from the beach

View from the beach.

drum workshop

You could be part of this drumming workshop.


Close up of drumming workshop.