Cultural Centre

The Asaasi Yaa Centre for Cultural Exchange provides opportunities to experience cultural, wellness, and adventure activities.


Learn to Prepare Ghanaian Cuisine
Our local chef will teach you the art of preparing authentic Ghanaian food.

Learn Batik and Textile Design
Our batik artist will provide an individual or group workshop to teach you the art of batik. Take home a lovely batiked shirt that you make yourself.

Learn African Jewelry Making
Our jewelry making artists will bring all necessary locally recycled or hand crafted beads to make that necklace, bracelet, or ankle bracelet that will always remind you of your time in Ghana. This seminar can be for a group or as a private lesson for an individual.

Language Lessons
Learn basic Twi or Ga words to assist with communication and immerse yourself in Ghanaian culture.

Drumming Lessons
Master Drummers and Teachers from Nkabom African Music Ensemble are available to provide a single lesson or a series of lessons. You can return home with knowledge of several traditional rhythms.

African Dance Lessons
The experienced Dancers and Dance Teachers from Nkabom African Music Ensemble are available to provide a single lesson or a series of lessons for an individual or group. Surprise your friends back home with your newfound skill of West African dance.

Our Library
Take some time to relax and read from our library located in the commons room of our home. Our selections range from writings on Ghana culture to fun reads of novels.


Africa is known to feed the soul and is the perfect place to start your wellness journey. While in Ghana set your mind at ease through meditation. Along with a personal meditation guide learn to let go of anxiety and stress that may be blocking you from discovering those answers that can help set your life’s path

Wellness Massage
Asaasi Yaa is a prime place to relax by the ocean and melt away the stress that sent you seeking wellness. Take an extra step toward wellness and relaxation with a soothing massage.

Family or Group Drum Circle
African drumming is a wellness activity that has been shown to lower blood pressure. It can also promote bonding among family or friends. Bring your own drum, purchase, or rent a drum for the activity. The circle is guided by a Ghanaian master drummer.

Personal Fitness Coach
A personal fitness coach is available to meet with you to establish a workout that meets your needs to return home feeling and looking your best.

Hair Braiding
Enjoy a relaxing session of hair braiding Ghanaian style at Asaasi Yaa. Braiding is a fun and classy hairstyle appropriate for any activity in Ghana – beach walking, a formal dinner, a walk in the city, volunteering with children in the village.


Ocean Fishing
Experience fishing Ghanaian style. Participate with a local fisher to cast nets and bring in Atlantic Ocean treasures such as tilapia or prawns. Roast your catch at Asaasi Yaa over an open fire and enjoy an open-air meal beside the sea. This activity can be enjoyed solo with local fishers or as a group activity.

Local Day Tours
We can help you tailor the tour you desire. You receive individual attention when you tour with one of our cultural guides.


Fruit and Vegetable Markets
Spend time walking through the local fruit and vegetable markets in Accra. You will see the Market Women selling locally grown fruits such as pineapple, mango, papaya, coconut and vegetables such as yams, tomato, garden eggs (aubergine), and peppers. You will want to take some of these delights home with you.

Fabric Markets
Ghanaian fabric is some of the most colourful in the world. Many Ghanaian fabrics carry messages about life through traditional adinkra symbols. Spend time with the fabrics and select a special fabric to have your own Ghanaian clothing handcrafted.

Other Markets
Ghana is well known for many different kinds of markets. Take the time to walk around and explore. The markets are very active and will give you an opportunity to practice your Twi or Ga.

Inner City Accra
Accra is home to many different neighbourhoods. Walk through the neighbourhoods and experience local life. You may see fufu pounding, banku being made and many many aspects of daily life.

Visit the Arts Centre
Located on the ocean in Accra, the Arts Centre is a well known large grouping of shops run by local artists. Spend some time browsing, shopping, and negotiating good deals on Ghanaian art, clothing, instruments. While at the Arts Centre be sure to visit Powerful Drums Shop to see drums being made.

Visit the Street Children’s Academy
A large number of children between the ages of 6 and 15 years live on the streets of Accra, the capital city of Ghana. They work as porters or sweepers in the market before being able to eat. The Street Academy cares for these children. The Street Academy runs a non-formal school from classes one to three. Classes begin at 9.00 a.m. and close at 1.30 p.m. Monday to Friday. The children do not pay school fees. Those who have developed a keen interest in learning are sent to formal school on the Academy’s Scholarship. Others are sent to learn a trade (e.g. hair dresser, dress making etc.). You may visit the Street Academy, volunteer for the day, and interact with the children. Ataa Lartey is the Executive Director.

The Village of Okurase
Okurase is a small rural village 1.5 hours from Accra. A visit to Okurase gives you a view of true village life. While in Okurase you can visit Project OKURASE and see the work going on to build the Nkabom Centre for Skills Training and Formal Education. You may decide to spend the day interacting with village children or helping on the project in some way.

Cape Coast
Cape Coast is a beautiful ocean town that is known for its historical significance. Two slave castles are located in Cape Coast and Africans who were enslaved there went on to add to the fiber of America, Europe, South America, and Caribbean nations. A visit to the slave castles is important to understanding history and to assuring that history does not repeat itself.

Kakum National Park
Kakum National Park is a rainforest setting just right for hiking and enjoying the local flora and fauna. Experience the canopy walkway high above the tree line to view animals such as the almost extinct Mona monkey, Bongo, Royal antelope, duiker, forest elephant, Giant Forest hog, Honey badger, African Civet cat, Forest buffalo, reptiles and a variety of birds.

Longer Tours (Overnight, Weekend, Week)
We can also help you organize longer tours in which you would spend the night away from Kokrobite. These can be tailored to your interest. We are happy to work with you on developing the tour you desire even after you check out of Asaasi Yaa.

Rent a bicycle from T. K. Asaasi Yaa and enjoy exploring the local area. You can strike out on your own or cycle with our recommended guide.


At Home Shopping
Avoid the crowds and stress of shopping on the streets. Top local artists will come to you at Asaasi Yaa and bring a wide variety of local handcrafted arts, drums, clothing, jewelry, items for the home, batik, mudcloth, kente or whatever you wish to see.

Video Your Vacation or Event
Our local videographers will assist you in recording any portion of your vacation you wish.


Performance Quality African Drums
No trip to Ghana is complete without experiencing African drumming. Powerful Drums will assure that you have an authentic experience. You can take home your very own djembe, kpanlogo, or other drums. Select a drum from our inventory or order your own customized drum made by drum maker Samuel Yeboah and his family (; Phone: +233-244273405).

Okurase Sewing Centre
If you are looking for tailor made clothing, we suggest you speak with the women of Okurase Sewing Centre. The Centre is located in the village of Okurase (1.5 hours from Accra) and well worth a day trip. Alternatively, tailors can come to you, help you select the outfit that suits you, and sew it for you within days.