Our Beachfront Resort at Asaasi Yaa

Relax, revive, rejuvenate in our beachfront resort on the Atlantic Ocean in Kokrobite, Ghana. Our resort is the perfect spot for a retreat, for artists looking to rekindle creativity, for families or other travelers wishing to experience the vibrant culture of Ghana in a pristine atmosphere by the sea just minutes from a local village.

Asaasi Yaa features 10 ensuite sleeping rooms, a small restaurant and bar. We are a small guest house that caters to locals, international guests, and artists who are looking for a relaxed vibe to seek inspiration. We are not a fancy place. We are a liveable place where you will feel a sense of family. We do not have air conditioning. We have ocean breezes. We do not have tv. We have nature. We do not have wifi. We have an unplugged lifestyle. We do not have hot water. From time to time the country of Ghana has power surges and electrical outages. This affects us and all businesses in Ghana. We ask your patience during these times. At times you  have to find peace and strength in candlelight.


Ghana is a small country on the west coast of Africa, known for its cultural heritage such as music, dance, craftsmanship, and the arts. It is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest, unspoilt beaches, game parks, etc. and is also rich in natural resources such as gold, diamonds, and cocoa. Perhaps Ghana’s greatest resource is her warm, welcoming people. Ghana is an independent nation with a stable government, making it a safe place to visit. The national language spoken is English and the most common spoken local languages are Ashanti (Twi) and Ga. The currency is Cedis. The temperature is 25-33 degrees Celsius with year round sunshine.

Asaasi Yaa and Cultural Exchange

Our resort is a place of cultural exchange. Experience activities specific to wonderful Ghana. Mix with the locals to gain insight into Ghanaian ways of life. Learn a bit of the local language. Learn to prepare and sample traditional Ghanaian cuisine. Take advantage of the opportunity for a cultural guide to travel with you to well known Ghanaian sites or those places you will only experience with local Ghanaians (Centre for Cultural Exchange).

Our Charity Work

A portion of our earnings from the rental of our resort go to support charity work in Ghana and America. In Ghana, we support Project OKURASE, an NGO that is working to build the Nkabom Centre for Skills Training and Formal Education in a remote village in the eastern region (www.projectokurase.org). The major focus of Project OKURASE’s work is women and orphans and vulnerable children.

In America, T. K. Asaasi Yaa supports Djole West African Dance and Drumming Company (www.djoledancecompany.org). This inner city children’s group targets vulnerable children and youth in a high crime area. Importantly, Djole and Project OKURASE have come together to develop global humanitarian projects.